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Sterling Silver

We have selections of cz silver, original stones which includes Rings, Necklaces Bracelets, charms, earrings brooches and much more.. Our collection includes hundreds of gorgeous styles latest in fashion . All of our merchandise is made using genuine 925 sterling silver and top quality cubic zirconia rings, cubic zirconia ring sets, and mother-of-pearl, onyx and turquoise inlay rings in our collection.

bali ear rings ear ring charm peace charm ear ring 3e Ear ring1 Ear ring1 earring
   Bracelet 1      Bracelet 2      Charm 1     Charm 2                  Ear ring                  Ear ring1       Ear ring2      Ear ring3
ear ring4 necklace 2 necklace Ring ring1 Ring2 Ring3 Ring4
        Brooch          Necklace      Necklace 1          Ring                Ring1             Ring2             Ring3             Ring4
Ring4 teeda-online_2184_20052871
      Ring5             Ring6

Please send us details/size for silver products.